Blue and Beyonce’s Lemonade Yellow


I’m creating a backdrop wall to use when I’m shooting videos for YouTube.  I went on the hunt for diy ideas on the new crack better known as Pinterest. Lord, I love Pinterest. I found several great ideas for the set and five million ideas for every room in my house, not to mention my yard and my dream garden. I’ve been working on a few pieces of art for the backdrop, and this one of the first ones I’ve completed.  It was pretty simple, all I had to do was tape and paint. The paint I used dried quickly so I finished the entire project in about an hour. This painting is much simpler than it looks and could be done on a much bigger scale. Let me show you how I did it.


Here’s what I used:

Painters tape (1.5 inch), 2 medium paint brushes, 2 paint colors (I went with Galeria acrylic Process Cyan and Process Yellow bka Beyoncé Lemonade Yellow), 16×20 artist canvas and a ruler.

Decide how far apart you’d like the white DSC_0031stripes. Use the ruler to measure equal lengths between tape strips. I measured three inches between each tape strip. You’ll need to paint the sides of the canvas as well so leave a two inch excess hangover on each end of the tape strips.



Turn the canvas over and extend hangover tape strips to the back of the canvas. If you didn’t leave enough hangover no worries. Now’s the time to stick another piece of tape on to extend over the side.




Turn the canvas over and place one strip of tape across the existing strips at any angle you choose. You could use more than one strip for a different look. Play around with it until you get the look you want. I went with one strip with a little gangster lean to the left.




Paint the exposed canvas with your main color. Don’t forget to paint the sides. Oops,I forgot to take a picture before I pulled the tape off.



Remove the paint strips before the paint dries completely.





When the paint has dried tape across the painted lines as close as you can get to the end of the painted stripes.



DSC_0065Paint the second color within the taped strips.


Remove the tape before the paint dries completely…and wallaah! Art!


Okay folks. One down and 50-11 more to go. Thanks to Linda at Sweet After Noon for the idea. Are you working on any projects? Do you have any suggestions for my backdrop? Leave it in the comments or email me at .

Smile, live, love and be grateful!



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