My Blues Are Stuck on Yellow



This is the second completed art project for my backdrop wall. If you’d like to try your hand at it,

DSC_0018Here’s what you’ll need:

Canvas, Cardboard or Cardstock, 4 different paint colors (3 colors in the same family and one contrasting color), Hole punch (I used 2.5 inch punch), 2 paint brushes.

The first thing you want to do is paint your canvas using the contrast color. Allow the canvas to dry while you work on creating the circles that will make your design.

The first step in creating the circles is to liberally drizzle the 3 similar color paints all over the cardboard or card stock.


DSC_0023You can swirl the colors together, paint in different directions, I chose to paint in one direction.



DSC_0079Once the paint dries measure strips an inch larger than your hole punch. I made my strips about 3 1/2 wide. I used my rotary cutting mat to measure and draw straight lines.


DSC_0083I cut 4 strips using a rotary cutter. I’m sure scissors would get the job done as  well. Using the rotary cutter made it easy to cut along the edge of my yardstick.



DSC_0087It’s a good idea to punch as many circles as you can from each strip. That way you’ll have enough circles to play around with when figuring out how you want to lay them out on the canvas. Please excuse the dark pictures. I was so into punching those circles I didn’t even realize I’d lost my natural light.

DSC_0215After trying a few different placements I decided on this pattern. I placed a little glue on the back of each circle and put them in the configuration I chose. After the glue dried the circles were a little wonky. The ends weren’t flat to the canvas. I turned the canvas over and put a few heavy books on top of it. After a couple of hours the circles were perfectly flat. And this was the result.

This is the second of many projects I’ve completed and I’m excited about chugging along. Thanks to Hani over at Craftionary for the idea. And thanks to my readers for the emails sharing your ideas and your encouragement. Thanks for following this blog and liking my posts! I appreciate you guys. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think about this project.

Until we meet again, smile, live, love and be grateful!



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