image Zig Zag Paper and Yellow Flowers

DSC_0302I’m still set styling ya’ll. I’ve completed another project to grace our background wall. It was  pretty quick and easy to complete. Here’s what you’ll need to try it for yourself:

A hot glue gun (I know, I know, it’s not in the picture – I had too much faith in the regular glue. You need the glue gun.) a ruler, 5×7 canvas, card stock of your   choice at least 7×9, silk flowers with leaves, and a pair of scissors.

zig zag and flowers 8

Carefully pull the silk flowers and leaves off the wire stems. Play around with them on the cardstock to get a feel for how many you need to get the look you want. I decided to use three flowers since my canvas is pretty small.

zig zag and flowers 7

zig zag and flowers 5After you’ve decide how you’d like to lay your flowers out put them aside and grab your cardstock, canvas, ruler and a pencil. Lay the cardstock down, print side down and lie place the canvas on it and center it. Use the ruler and pencil to draw a straight line at the same angel as the corner edge of the canvas.

zig zag and flowers 9Here’s a closer look at the line you’ll need to draw. Cut along the line. Be carful not to cut too far.



zig zag and flowers 10Place the canvas right side down on the back of the cardstock and align the corners of the canvas to the ends of the cuts you’ve made. Fold one edge over the side of the canvas and the side flat to make a bend. Place hot glue on the bend and press onto the canvas. Pull the cardstock tight and repeat on the opposite side.

zig zag and flowers 11Turn the canvas and repeat steps on the other 2 sides. When you’re done it should look like this.zig zag and flowers 12

zig zag and flowers 4Turn the canvas over and lay out the leaves as the base of the floral arrangement. Hot glue the leaves to the canvas in the center.



zig zag and flowers 3Here’s a close up of the base you’ll glue the flowers to. Be sure to use enough glue to secure the flowers well. I glued one at a time and let the glue harden before moving on to the next one.





zig zag and flowers 13

…and here’s the finished product! I really enjoyed making this one. I like instant gratification and this project took all of 30 minutes to complete.

We’ve only got one more project to complete and we’ll be almost done with the background wall for our YouTube videos. Thanks for letting me share this creative journey with you!

Until we meet again, smile, live, love and be grateful.



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