How To Have A Good Bad Day

Today me will live in the moment, unless it’s unpleasant, in which case me will eat a cookie. Cookie Monster

Sometimes all I have to do is wake up and open my eyes and I know I’m going to have a less than good day. Sometimes something will happen to turn an okay day into a less than good day. Or a good day into complete shit. Today was the just wake up and know kind of day.

I tried to turn it around. You know, positive thinking and all that. I told myself “Your day is what you make it…” and spouted affirmations of self-love and gratitude. Sometimes none of that works. I even feel angry with myself for trying to put a positive spin on a not so good day. I think sometimes you just have to go ahead and have the damn bad day. Hell, what’s a  good day if you never have a bad day, right?

What if we did bad days differently? Like as soon as you see it coming embrace that shit. Lean into the bad day. Just for one day I wish I could go through the bad day and be okay with it.

Don’t expect to have enough hot water for your shower or clean underwear. Don’t expect to get what you actually ordered at McDonald’s for breakfast. Don’t even try to complete your assigned tasks at work or train the person assigned to you. You won’t be able to any way because your son’s school will call you to pick him up because he is cutting a complete fool. Again. And you should have expected it because your having a bad day. Remember? Cry freely when you realize you’ve given him breakfast filled with gluten, and that’s why he is clutching the ceiling like Spiderman when you get to the school.

Don’t try to be strong and think positive. Take your kid home and cry some more on the way if you want to. Eat cookies and try again tomorrow. And be thankful you have more good days than bad ones.

Until we meet again, smile, live, love and be grateful.




  1. I have learned that the bad days are just a reminder that the good day out weigh the bad ones. Thanks for the new prospective.


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