What’s Stopping You From Being Great?


Great people do things before they’re ready. Amy Pohler

I could really be great. I could do almost anything. I’ve got a few talents and lots of heart. I’ve got a good mind constantly brimming with good ideas. I have the means to do most things I want to do. My family and friends are supportive. I’m in relatively good health. So what’s been holding me back? What’s been keeping me from being great?

Well, in a nutshell, you have to get off your ass to be great.

That’s it. You have to get off your ass. For me that doesn’t mean just getting up  literally. I do that every day. I get up, go to work and come home and take care of my family everyday. Getting off my ass figuratively is a bit more complicated. If I want to reach my goals and dreams I have to learn lots of new things. I’ve got to work at it when I’d rather be taking one of my much loved naps. I’ve got to push through even when I’m the only one who sees the vision. In order to be great I have to learn to be more vulnerable. And I can’t procrastinate, if I want to be great I’ve got to take the plunge now. I can’t wait for everything to be perfect. It will never be perfect.

Sounds easy right? Shut up! It’s not easy. But maybe it’s not supposed to be. I’ve got  quite a few intersections to cross and hurdles to jump on the way to my dream of making a living blogging and vlogging come true. Intersections with names like, Learn How to Use Your Fancy Ass Camera, Learn How to Use Lighting and Angles to Make You Look Less Fat, Learn How to Use Photo Shop to Fix the Pictures that You Effed Up Because You Didn’t Master the Last Two Intersections, Produce Good Content About Stuff You’re Interested In, Get Thick Skin So Comments Won’t Hurt Your Feelings, hurdles named Stop Feeling Guilty For Not Spending Every Waking Moment In the Service of Mason, Learning Coding Which Looks Like a Bunch of Frackle Nackle Bullshit, Keep Cursing Because You Like to Curse Even Though It Upsets Your Mother and the highest hurdle of all, Shameless Promoting of Yourself.

I’m pushing through. Sometimes at a snails pace and at other times a slow jog. But there is movement, when I look over my shoulder I can see that I’ve made progress. Things that were just ideas in my head have come into fruition. I marvel at those things and they give me the confidence to keep moving forward.

Well, I have to go now. It’s time to search YouTube for tutorials on DIY Lighting, Vlogging for Dummies and Planning for Busy Moms.

And until we meet again, smile, live, love and be grateful.



  1. Just remember to wash your ass between all this getting up and moving. Or is that an intersection too? LOL! Angie, this blog is sooo good! It serves as a reminder for the lazy ones (disguised as weary…cough cough).


  2. Great post! I find myself getting my daily run done by telling myself it’s only 30 minutes. Am I not worth 30 minutes out of a 24 hour day? With this is mind, I often lace up my shoes and go off on a run. I come back refreshed and clear headed, because I am indeed worth 30 minutes and more. Try applying the 30 minute trick it works and I know you were 30 freaking minutes a day and more 🙂


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