Autism, The Good, The Bad and The Brilliance

The past two weeks have been tough. This school year started out great, but it couldn’t last.

I’ve had several calls to pick Mason up from school. He’s gotten a behavior report and he brings home notes describing less than stellar behavior in his folder almost every day . His teacher even sends me texts almost daily while I’m at work.

Here’s part of the problem, Mason is having a serious growth spurt. He’s grown like three inches in weeks, I kid you not! The boy eats like a teenager instead of a six year old. We’re trying to find the right dosage of  his meds.  Because the old dosage is not doing the trick anymore. It takes time to get him to the right levels.

In the meantime, his intelligence level, autism and his age have all ganged up and they’re trying to give me a stroke. Last week he drew a montage of World War II in class. Complete with swastikas, tanks, rifles, bombs, bayonets and casualties. He’s a very good artist and his teacher encourages him to express himself through art, but the swastikas and casualties landed me in a teacher-parent meeting. She was already  concerned about his “obsession” with killing and violence and then he cooks up this masterpiece.

So we’re in this meeting, the teacher, Mason and myself. The teacher shows me the drawing and I’m trying not to laugh because she is not aware of my penchant for finding my life the funniest shit ever. And she may think I’m crazy or I’m not taking this matter serious enough. I tried to fix my face and not blurt out, “What the fuck is this?!”. I didn’t know he knew anything about WWII so I was stunned but also a little proud of the detail and creativity. Then I realized the swastika was drawn backwards, that almost did me in. A tiny giggle almost escaped.

When I was sure it was safe for me to talk I asked him, “Where did you learn this, how do you know this?” And to that my son said proudly, “You taught me!” Exasperated, he went on. “Why did you teach me if you didn’t want me to know about it?!” I know for sure I did not teach him a damn thing about WWII. Because, I don’t know much about WWII and I know that’s an inappropriate subject for a six-year old. So I confidently said, ” I don’t know what you’re talking about. I didn’t teach you this!” He says, “Remember I came into your bedroom and you were watching The Man in The High Tower on Netflix and I asked you what that symbol means, and you said that’s a Nazi symbol.” Crickets.

I asked, “So, all I said was that’s a Nazi symbol? A year ago? How did you find out the rest of this?” He said, ” I looked it up on line.”

Until we meet again, smile, live, love and be grateful.





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